At Hari Chillies we bring the taste of Indian Srilankan food with an ambiance you’ll never find it anywhere. Conveniently located in Ashgroove “Hari chillies” is one of the best in class restaurant with every dish prepared & plated with extra care and attention.  Nothing is comparable rather sitting in a fine restaurant with a food that makes you experience the authenticity you’ve been longing for years. With decades of experience in managing high class restaurants our food philosophy is simple – we pick the best ingredients we go by freshness we deliver inviting dishes. With artistic aesthetics our unique food space can host a comfortable group as large as 100 guests. Great for events like parties, celebrations, birthdays and more you can simply impress your invitees with our best Indian srilankan menus. Hari chilli brings you a fine dining experience at an affordable cost reflecting Indo Srilankan cuisine in all its diversity with taste lasting long. Experience the smile & politeness from our waiters & the magical taste of Srilankan dishes which will change the way you think about Indian Srilankan food.